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I'm Lauren King , a 34-year-old professional with a diverse skill set. My background spans across marketing management, design, and photography, all underpinned by a solid foundation in journalism.

My educational journey led me to Ball State University, where I earned a degree in photojournalism along with a minor in digital publishing.

My career took off as I embarked on roles such as reporter, photographer, and page designer at a small newspaper in Greencastle, Ind. After three enriching years, I made a significant transition to Louisville, Ky., where I contributed as a designer/copy editor at Gannett's Louisville Design Studio.

In 2018, I decided to take a new direction and transitioned away from the newspaper industry and into marketing, where I am currently the head of marketing for one of the Top 10 Mortgage Lenders in the country.  This role has been a perfect fit for me, allowing my creative instincts to flourish.

If you're seeking assistance with photography or design, I'm here to assist you. Let's connect and collaborate!

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